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That left Senator McCain, Huckleberry Hound and Ron Paul. Ron makes too much sense to be a Republican.

Rumour has it Ralph Nader will talk him into being his vice-pres running mate and they’ll both dance into Munchkinland singing, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”   Huckleberry’s chief credentials — being governor of Alabama and a Baptist preacher which, when you get right down to it, are one and the same — haven’t provided much support outside certain southern states that still allow interfamilial marriage.

That leaves John McCain, about whom we’ll have more to disparage another day.

The Democratic Party is where all the fun’s happening this election year. A woman and a black man are duking it out to see who gets to be the next person some nutjob with a cheap gun can take down. Okay, now that we’ve stated the Fear Nobody Speaks, how does someone steeped in the twin battles for civil rights and women’s rights choose between these two groundbreaking choices?

In case you haven’t been following U.S. politics very closely, Hillary’s the woman. You can be forgiven if this comes as news to you. After all, Barack has been accused both of not being black enough to be truly black and of channeling his inner woman and being, of all things, a consensus builder. At the same time, Hillary has been, well, hawkish and quite masculine sometimes and has, at others, seemed about one slight short of hauling off and smacking Obama a good one.

By next Tuesday we may know which of the two will go up against McCain. Then things’ll get really interesting. In the U.S. There’s really no hope for things getting interesting in Ottawa.