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Maxed out

The Maxies for 2007



Well, it’s that time of year again. The time of year I wish I had a two-page spread. Yes, it’s Maxie time, time to honour the achievements, great and small, that make this town such an interesting place to live. The envelopes, please.


Hey, why didn’t we think of that: Canmore council balances the books by slapping second home owners and residents who own homes they don’t live in with higher property tax rates than just plain folk who live and work in their happy mountain home. City leaders justify the two-tier tax rate as necessary to provide increased revenues and keep “…normal working people living in this community.” Imagine that?

Yeah, I feel a lot safer now, thank you: The Canadian Border Services Agency, ever vigilant in keeping queer literature and other undesirable influences out of the homeland, goes to new heights of Dudley Dorightness and tells Glen Plake to keep his iconic Mohawk and juvie record on the other side of the border where they belong. A sold-out crowd at Words and Stories misses out on what would surely have been a rollicking good tale and we’re all left wondering whether they’ll be just as vigilant when the criminal Lord Black tries to weasel back into the country.

We deserve a break today: Council beautifies Whistler by canceling the tasteless ads plastered on village bus stops. We hear the busses won’t be running on gas much longer either.

The reason I’m going is blood on the floor: After a disinformation campaign that pitted the live-to-shop crowd against the raging antis, Council unanimously — yes, unanimously — turned down Larco’s rezoning application for their subterranean white elephant, thus paving the way for London Drugs to locate in… Squamish. Councillor Nancy wields her verbal scalpel with the skill and zeal of a streetfighter, eviscerating the company for its “skillful manipulation of public opinion.” One chain down, so many to go.

Doing more with less: Victoria changes the rules on taxing condo hotels and Whistler watches $2.5 million in property tax revenue vanish. Rick Thorpe, minister of Small Business and Revenue, says the change was designed to help the province move forward with its goal to double tourism. I wonder.

Doing less with more: Victoria changes the rules on remunerating the premier and MLAs. Everybody gets a big raise despite their own consultant’s polling showing virtually no one in the province believes they deserve a raise. I wonder.

Just say No: Council takes a pass on spiffing up the iconic Muni Hall when the $5.8 million initial budget gets dosed with Viagra and swells to $15.8 million.