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Duped again, Charlie Brown



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At the end of the day though, the really troubling part of this whole charade is the rush to do something that doesn’t need to be rushed. Based on comments from some of the participants, there seems to be a measurable capitulation of responsibility from council to staff on this and other matters about which council is supposed to exercise final judgment. “We don’t want to be second-guessing staff,” is a phrase that’s gained popularity.

Well, that’s just part of the job, isn’t it? Staff advises; council decides? The fact is, as good as most of the muni staff are at doing their jobs, we didn’t vote for any of them. They’re not accountable to us. Council is. It’s part of council’s legitimate role to second guess staff recommendations. Staff is not infallible. Exhibit “A”? The gridlocked reno of the Nesters compactor site, a project I’ve been led to believe was a staff initiative.

Oh well, we’ll get through this. The Goddess of Physiotherapy will fix my aching back, no one will likely lose their home because of the tax increases and new fees, those of us who are now paying twice for recycling can hope this was just an oversight in the exercise of zealousness, and ultimately, judgment day will roll around in about a year’s time on whether we feel duped or well served.

But I’m definitely going to stop falling for the old kick-the-ball trick.

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