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A call to arms



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Yeah, I know. Cross-border shopping will hurt Canadian retailers. Tough noogies. If the retailers won’t flex their power to get the distributors and manufactures into line, they deserve whatever they get. War is heck!

Of course, I’ll still patronize the local shops I already patronize, not like that’ll really help their bottom line much. But for big ticket items, whatever those are, I’m heading south. There’s only so much abuse I’m willing to take. Come to think of it, there’s only so much waiting in line at the border and getting strip-searched I’m willing to take.

Oh well, there’s always the Internet. Yeah, I know, those tiny handful-of-pixels pictures on websites are a really poor substitute for actually seeing and touching something as idiosyncratically personal as, say, a smoked ham. And I haven’t found anyone willing to sell and deliver a car across the border. But there are principles involved here. As soon as I figure out what they are, I’ll report back from the front.

In the meantime, knowing how successful I’ve been in past shopping forays, I think I’ll polish the Dell box.