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So what’s a guy who’s run out of outrage to do?

I’ve tried becoming part of the solution but the solution remains a shimmering mirage in the desert, always just out of reach but teasingly visible. Besides, my solution and your solution probably aren’t the same solution… and they’re definitely not the solution of the people pretending to run things around here.

But have heart, for there is a new windmill on the horizon. Saddle up, grab your lance and start tilting like there’s no tomorrow. No, it’s not TILMA, not the inappropriately-placed yet foregone conclusion of a medals plaza on Lot 1/9, not the pitched battle that’ll be fought over pay parking in the day skiers lots, not even the eye-popping proposal for the new museum that’ll make the library budget look like sofa change.

Plastic bags. It’s plastic bags, baby.

Ban ’em or keep allowing ’em? What to do, what to do?

As with all things, this town’s take on plastic bags will be coloured, if not entirely shaped, by the reality of being a tourist town. After all, there are only so many things a tourist can pack on a plane or in the largest SUV on the market. It’s not likely we’re going to add reusable bags for their purchases to the list.

Short of bringing your own bag(s), knapsack, backpack or duffle bag, I’m at a loss to come up with a workable solution for this conundrum. Carry things home in your hands? Paper? Edible bags? Or maybe some master program, kind of like those orange bicycles in Amsterdam, where you can stuff your stuff in a cloth bag, drop it off at your final destination and someone will pick it up from there and start the cycle all over again.

If nothing else, it’s a welcome diversion to build up a head of outrage over.