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Maxed Out

The price of progress, the value of a plan



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In striving so hard to become all things to all people, we risk becoming prosaic. We risk dulling the few things that are very special, that are attractive and unique, that stand as a testament to who we are and what we’re about.

And that’s what was so sad and maddening about watching the parade of blinking and flashing narrow self-interest trot up to the microphone Monday evening to argue in favour of setting aside the plan and vision put in place so long ago just so they could buy cheap razors and Huggies at London Drugs. To the people chorusing about how they actually do go down to Vancouver just to go to London Drugs, get a life. It’s about more than just shopping, people.

It brings to mind Oscar Wilde’s quip about knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.

To those who believe the Muni’s trying to gin the free enterprise system by stymieing the sweetheart deal between Larco and London Drugs, there ain’t no free market. But there is zoning, planning and licensing, all legitimate municipal powers. Larco made a deal when they got approval to turn the Keg parking lot into a money maker. If they’d rather suck air on the underground space than rent it out at a rate where a recreation facility works, let ’em suck air. No compelling reason exists to enrich them. They’ve contributed nothing to this town.

And for those of you who think big box shopping is the only kind… drive safely.