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Maxed Out

The Maxies for 2006 go to…



What a year it’s been, eh boys and girls? With the quite understandable annoyance of stumbling into a Conservative government, albeit of a minority persuasion, early in the year, 2006 was the kind of year that can come back and visit any time it wants. There was singin’ in January, singin’ in December and a whole lot of moanin’ in between but what the heck, would we have it any other way?

Naturally, there were some things that were deserving of recognition so let’s get right to the envelopes. Winners of a coveted 2006 Maxie are….

Best On-Mountain Improvement, Man-Made Division : On a clear day, you can see forever. On a foggy day, at least there’s trees. Redubbed Symphony Express, the first really new lift in a decade didn’t open up all that much new terrain but it sure made what was there a lot more user-friendly. And on a busy December day, when the lineup at Harmony looked like Woodstock, we skied right onto Peak Chair. Oh Joy.

Best On-Mountain Improvement, Mother Nature Division : Snow. After r#*!ing to the top the week before last Christmas and threatening to turn Whistler in to Jonestown north, the snow came on Boxing Day. 111cm during the last week of December was followed by 461cm in January, a record for that month. Neatly bookended by a record snowfall in November was a great season, a balmy summer and just enough liquid sunshine to keep things from catching fire. Remember, there are going to be a few winners in global warming. Why not us? We’re deserving.

Best In-Village Improvement, Virtual Division : Fortunately for us, there are four places Whistleratics will never get to visit… and never have to pay for. The Frozen River, The Mountain Tent, The Solar Rink and everybody’s favourite, The Sunny Island were given a decent, if prolonged burial when council regained its sense of direction and backbone and bit the bullet. Save the bullet, guys, we’ll need it later.

Best In-Village Improvement, No, Really Division : I think it was Oscar Wilde who said, “We’ve established what you are, Madam. Now we’re just quibbling about the price.” Guess $6 million bucks seemed like a better price than $9 million for the two swing votes that it took to greenlight the Muni Hall expansion and renovation project. Too bad. It seemed like such a good opportunity to explore the kind and size of local government we’ll have after the Olympics™. Oh well, at least there’ll be plenty of labour to complete the job, no real inconvenience to staff and, of course, no chance the budget will bloom into Library North… right?

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