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All those opposed: good luck



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Now, as stated, council has to get the public’s approval. That’s the law. But democracy being a messy form of government, our provincial leaders have seen fit to offer two approval processes. Remember? The Bad Choice and the Right Choice.

The Right Choice is pretty easy to deal with. We’re all familiar with it. It’s called a vote, or in this case a referendum. Are you fer it or a’gin it? Yes or no?

The Right Choice takes 90 days and would cost $35,000 to administer. It would settle the issue once and for all. If the public said, "Hey, great idea; let’s do it." that would be that. The people opposed to it would still be opposed to it but they could be told, with impunity, "Ha, ha; you lost." If their fears about what might happen in the future turn out to be true, the council of the day could, very rightly say, "Dudes, don’t you remember having the chance to vote on this? It was your choice."

The Bad Choice only takes 30 days. Being slightly more committed to the democratic process, our council – that is to say everyone except Nancy and Eckhard, both of whom favour the Right Choice – has granted 32 days. Thanks, guys; that’s big of you. Those extra two days… what can I say, I’m all choked up.

The Bad Choice only costs $5,000 to administer.

The Bad Choice requires 10 per cent of a "fair estimate of the total amount of electors" to accurately – and one presumes intelligibly – fill out a two page document stating they’re opposed to the proposal. After they’ve done that, they need to mail it or drop it off at muni hall. No faxes, no e-mails. To get this two-page document, they either have to go to muni hall and get it, or download it, or have somebody knock on their door and offer it to them, or maybe pass by a table where someone implores them to sign it.

Eight hundred and ninety-two people, all meeting the requirements to vote, need to do this. I won’t torture you this week with how that number was arrived at – Alison probably covered it in her news piece about this – but needless to say, the number is fuzzy. It’s just one of the many reasons the Bad Choice is called the Bad Choice.