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Tis the season for stumping, litigation



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They want their unthinking minions to boycott stores who use Happy Holiday and reward merchants who hew to the true, if historically tortured, meaning of the season and wish people a Merry Christmas. Thus, like patriotism, which the current president Bush reduced to shopping for freedom, Christmas is now all about shopping for true believers. Real Christians, Conservative Christians don’t shop at Target… or Wal-Mart.

How weird is that?

Well, it’s at least as weird as our brothers and sisters at Barnfield trying to carve themselves out of the social contract that passes for affordable housing in Tiny Town. Not being satisfied at ruining any chance the rest of us will ever have to convince Whistler Housing Authority and the muni to let us create some sweat equity by building or finishing our own slice of homeownership in paradise, they – which is to say most of them but by no means all of them – want to wiggle out of any semblance of social responsibility at all and be relieved of any restraint on their own, personal windfall.

Having won the lottery once and been given the chance to buy into the dream cheap, they’ve hired a mouthpiece most foul to game the lottery one more time and win big. Yes, the "formula" for determining their cost of production was flawed and yes, the negotiations to resolve their baseline cost have been unproductive – neither side being reasonable enough to agree on what day of the week it is – and most definitely yes, the formula for determining appreciation has left their homes valued far, far below what they’d be worth on the free and unfettered market.

The first two failings are unfortunate. The last was, however, THE WHOLE IDEA!

But in the spirit of the season I will not, at least this week, stoop to calling them shameful greedheads. It seems most of the rest of the town is doing that for me.