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Maxed Out

A fearful hope is born



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Ted’s most definitely a fear kind of guy. But don’t take my word for it. Ask anyone who worked at muni hall when he was mayor before. Or Helmut Banka if he’s still in town. In fact, I’ve been giving serious thought about dressing as Ted for Halloween. I would if I didn’t have a beard.

I don’t know enough about Stacy to place him, fear-hopewise, but I look forward to finding out.

Mike Brew is all hope all the time. I think Mike’s only fear about his chances of becoming mayor is it may disqualify him from being a barbeque judge.

Kristi’s as full of hope as a cheerleader at Homecoming. But get her in the clinches and that hope turns savage enough to strike fear into even the most fearless. That and her execution amnesia nudge her toward the fear side of middle ground.

Ken’s a hopeful guy. He hopes he can convince people he’s capable of wearing a larger suit than the one he’s worn as councillor Ken and we’re all hopeful there’s an unused stockpile of ‘yeses’ in his vocabulary.

Buster has informed us he’s dropping out of the race. He’s hopeful things don’t get worse than they already are.

Me, I just hope Houston shows up for game four and the White Sox didn’t sweep the Series by the time Pique comes out this week.