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Anatomy of Change – Part III



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And finally, I want a mayor who will engage this town in a discussion and exploration of what’s going to happen when we, very soon, reach our self-imposed growth cap. Until now, the whole notion of limited growth has been hypothetical. We weren’t there. But we’re going to get there sometime in the term of the next mayor and two things are certain: There will be pressure to grow from both inside and outside the community; and, there will be growth just outside our boundaries. I want to know how Whistler is going to be the first community to ever effectively stop growing without declining. I want to know how we’re going to dissuade growth at the fringes so we don’t wind up with meaningless political boundaries like the one between, say, Vancouver and Burnaby. And I want to know how we limit growth without becoming a community of dark, empty second and third houses for rich bastards who will be happy to move on once the life is sucked out of this place.

That’s what I want in a mayor. What do you want?