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Happy Tuponia Day, notwithstanding O Canada



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In truth, July first was chosen for Canada Day because it not only gives Canadians one of the few chances – Thanksgiving being the other one – to say to Americans, "Beatcha to it," it provides an opportunity to get our blood-alcohol level back down to normal before we join you in celebrating the Fourth of July. We celebrate your Independence Day for several reasons. Canadians love a good party. Canadians don’t really know, for sure, what’s American and what’s Canadian except for all the words you might have noticed in this column that have an unnecessary ‘u’ in them. And we like to think if we join you in celebrating your special day you won’t invade us again… like you did during the American Revolution and again in the War of 1812. In both cases, we’re pretty sure it was just a case of faulty compass reading but being both prudent and without any real standing army, we’d rather not press the point.

For all the rest of you visiting Whistler, put down the Pique and go buy something for heaven’s sake.

Enjoy the parade, enjoy the fireworks, have some cake and be sure to tell all your friends back home what a grand time you had celebrating Canada Day in Whistler. And yes, this is as good as it gets.