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The answer, depending on who you listen to, is yes. No. Maybe. Both. Neither, idiot; it’s just a movie.

Conservatives for Benign Movies Like Hollywood Used to Make Before It Was Taken Over By Card-Carrying ACLU Liberals, CBMLHUMBTOBCCAL for short, has thrown its vote behind Darth Vader and has urged all conservatives of conscience to boycott the movie, its commercial products and its fast food promotions, threatening at least half the American diet.

Their evidence that George Lucas unnecessarily politicized the final Star Wars movie rests not on the fact that young Anakin Skywalker, hormonally imbalanced and dazzled by his own powers, makes REALLY BAD decisions that plunge the entire federation into an unnecessary war, but by his use of the line, "You’re either with me or you’re my enemy." They say the line is a lift from Bush’s State of the Union speech when he told the entire world they were either with him and his war on terrorists or they were on the side of terrorists.

They may have something there. Certainly the line sounded just as dumb in the movie as it did in the State of the Union speech and it backfired just as badly. And there are any number of thoughtful people who believe the President is more the sorcerer’s apprentice than the sorcerer himself.

But personally, I’ve always thought he bore a closer resemblance to Yoda. And let’s face it, they share any number of common speech patterns too.