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Maxed Out

Ingredients in the soup of history



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And despite the seeming inertia of Muni Hall, despite the dog-with-a-ball singleminded focus on the damn Olympics, despite a lack of vision so profound it’s a miracle any light shines on this place, progress is being made on a number of singularly difficult problems, not the least of which is affordable housing. If we can just hang on by our bleeding fingernails long enough, history might record some progress on tackling that problem.

The profound silence in town next week, post festival, après season, will be punctuated with the sound of people leaving. Some will be packing boxes of disappointment, some will be bitter, some will simply be resigned to their version of reality that Whistler has no place for them anymore. And some will be hopeful of returning because something about this place, the something that keeps the rest of us here, has gotten under their skin.

We’re makin’ history here boys and girls. It’s a messy operation and it isn’t always funny but it’s a whole lot better than toiling anonymously in a big city. Kinda makes going up the mountain seem much more important than just sliding back down, doesn’t it?