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Maxed out

The Maxies for 2004



Wow! What a year. Elections in Canada; elections in the USofA; the Great Cultural Rift; the kind of wackiness we’ve come to expect in B.C. and now the winter of no snow being saved by another Whistler Christmas present.

With all that, there’s no time for long speeches. The vote is tallied, the envelopes are prepared. On with the Maxies.

The Bidniz of Bidniz is Bidniz Awards

Best On-Mountain Improvement: Well, could be the Flute expansion or it could be Peak to Creek. We’ll just have to wait for more snow to decide. But I suspect it’s actually the decision to leave the other West Side runs unmolested by those pesky summer groomers. Of course, keeping Dusty’s open all summer was pretty great too.

Best New Restaurant: The phoenix-like return of Southside Diner (née Deli) to the Creekside cuisine scene. I’m not sure what this says about Creek folk but I’m comforted to know we’re not screaming oyster people. Real food, real prices. Honourable mention to Pascal’s return at Le Gros. I missed the duck fat while you were gone, Pascal.

Best Sustainable Business Practice (no, really): Composting at Carney’s. Having cornered the market on Recycle, Owen’s goin’ after Reduce and Reuse with this very real example of sustainability. Honourable Mention: Whistler’s co-op auto initiative.

Worst Rumour That Could Only Be Worse If It Turns Out To Be True: London Drugs in the centre of Whistler Village. Why not just rip the heart out of the place, guys? Say NO to Stepford resorts and release me from these chains.

Bacon Saved Award: To all the skiers and boarders in the Lower Mainland and Washington who kept Whistler-Blackcomb from doing a Hindenburg impression last season. Thanks.

Close Shave Award: To the delightful Miss Amanda, Julie, Lisa, Barber Boy and the rest of the crew at Blackcomb Barber Shoppe for 10 years of good cuts at a good price.

Hey, What Else Can We Do With Them Award: To the overwhelming success of Whistler’s mountain bike park and an expansive future. Must be a bit like the folks at McDonald’s felt many years ago when they figured out they could serve breakfast.

Your Tax Dollars At Work Awards

The Sun Rises In the East Award: After considerable delay, it’s official. Whistleratics prefer infill housing to a new subdivision south of town or the other non-starter options. Even though it’s been "blended" by the spinmeisters, infill’s the overwhelming choice. Of course, with this council and administration’s penchant for form over substance, planning over action and mortal fear of being seen to actually be doing anything, we haven’t built a single infill unit and, surprise, none are on the immediate horizon.