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Now, where’s that Canadian Citizenship form?

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The Freedom of Information Act is a powerful tool used all the time by real journalists. One of the more interesting pieces of information to come out of the Andre Ouelette fiasco at Canada Post concerns the FIA. It’s nice that Andre resigned after his many gaffs and outrageous, unsubstantiated expense account charges but it would be nicer if the government would maybe go after him to recover some of the bazillion dollars he squandered.

But journalists trying to dig up more information have run up against a loophole. Seems Crown corporations aren’t subject to the FIA. There’s a move afoot to change that but Canada Post is arguing it should continue to be exempt from the provisions of the act. Why? To subject them to its application would put them at "… a competitive disadvantage."

I’m personally always amazed that mail mostly gets to where it’s supposed to go. I’m even more amazed that a Crown corporation with a MONOPOLY on delivering the mail would find itself subject to such stiff competition they need to do their job in secret. Maybe I slept through that economics class.

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I definitely need a vacation.