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A sign and a light



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So anyway, I was really thinking hard about all this and Zippy was getting pretty annoyed that I wasn’t spending enough time throwing his ball into snowbanks when I had the epiphany. Now, I’d like to say the clouds parted and brilliant shafts of sunlight speared through the trees, sparkled off the snow and made the whole place come alive with air-diamonds but none of that happened. No Voice of God, no whitelight, no heartstopping Aha! moment.

I did see the error of my ways though. I realized how wrong I’d been. I fully understood how stupid it was of me to even think of giving up these trails without a fight. Of losing the option – nay dude, the right – to tramp these very trails instead of having that choice eliminated for some nebulous greater good. I understood how selfish it was for me to deny anyone their little patch of dirt down in the Callaghan just to cling stubbornly to the hope this valley wouldn’t become clogged with commuting cars and exhaust-generated air pollution.

I saw the light, metaphorically speaking, and the light was the light of enlightened self-interest.

How could I have been so wrong?