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If the rugged individuals of the baby boom generation are anything, it’s collective. Almost tribal. As our children get fed up with us and finally have the opportunity to leave home, move far away and find convenient excuses to avoid visiting, we’ll no doubt seek out others of our ilk to relive shared experiences, Woodstock, possess decriminalized amounts of marijuana together – though where we’re going to score it without the kids around is beyond me, beat each other to the punch in naming old Star Trek reruns within the first five seconds of them coming on the shared plasma TV, and doing what we’ve done better than any generation to ever despoil planet Earth: Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!

They say Alzheimer’s eats away at an individual’s most recent memories, leaving them only with ancient remembrances. At an eldercare facility in Toronto for people of the Jewish persuasion, the staff struggles with a ward full of holocaust survivors who currently believe they are once again in concentration camps. It makes for difficult shower days.

Imagine the aging boomers. With no short-term memories to speak of anyway, those of us stricken with Alzheimer’s will be left with... what? Vague and idealistic memories of communal living. Endless arguments about who didn’t wash their dishes, who ate the last of the organic jalapeño-lime Doritos, who hid the rolling papers. For the love of God, let us live together. It seems like the only humane thing to do. At least for everyone else.