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Maxed Out

Becoming who we are going to be



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But maybe too idealistic for what Whistler and Creekside are becoming.

Aspen is a word I’d like to avoid because it’s both cliché and probably not entirely accurate. But it is a good shorthand for what we’d like to avoid becoming. And it’s what we are incrementally creeping toward.

Is Nita Lake Lodge the tipping point on that journey? Don’t know.

But I do know any developer approaching muni hall and the population of Whistler with an unadorned proposal to build a hotel this size at this location – unsupported by current zoning let’s remember – would be told "thanks, but no thanks." It’s not in keeping with the neighbourhood. It’s not in keeping with the size of the lake. We have concerns about commercial development and redevelopment around our "jewels" of valley lakes.

So the decision becomes one of determining whether the enticement to do something we ought not do is sufficient.

I suspect the proposal will be given the green light. I only hope it’ll be the last one we do this way. I hope the two new councillors who ran on a strong platform of planning will be successful in getting on with the task. I hope someone will have the courage to either bring the neverending sustainability plan to completion or take it out and shoot it in the head before we waste much more tax money on it. Maybe if it was completed we’d be more able to see how inappropriate this development is… regardless of the package of goodies it comes with.

Maybe we’re already past the tipping point of becoming what we hope we will never be.