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Exorcising democracy



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But in Clare’s piece he highlighted his slippery grip on democracy this way: It’s very risky. There’s no good time to have a vote. If you have one too early, people aren’t informed. If you have it too late in the process, you might derail it.

There you have it boys and girls. In the wrong hands – those of the people purportedly living under it – democracy is a dangerous thing. What kind of paternalistic tripe is that?

Fact is, if you’d have had just a little faith, Hugh, you’d have gotten a vote at least as positive and probably stronger, than the one teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy Vancouver got last Saturday. It doesn’t matter if all the facts aren’t known and people are uninformed. Hell, if we waited for a fully informed population, there’d never be a vote on anything. Knowledge isn’t a prerequisite of democracy! People vote their gut for chrissakes. That’s why you’re mayor. You’re our guy. One of us. Joe Whistler. A ski patroller. A chimney sweep. What don’t you understand about that? What the hell are you afraid of?

The planets are aligning in Vancouver’s favour. Too many Olympics scheduled and desired by European countries in the next decade, crazy dictators threatening the world in Korea. It’s looking good. If we get the Games, we’ll put on one hell of a party and hopefully not drive future generations any further in debt than previous, inept B.C. governments have already managed to do.

But it’ll never cease to amaze me how apparently smart people can be so dumb about having faith in the folks around them. You owe us, Hugh. Big.