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Maxed out

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By G.D. Maxwell

Maybe it’s silly to get swept up in local politics at a time like this. Maybe the angst of a privileged playground pales in comparison to the ravings of a madman intent on unleashing the dogs of war against any nation bold enough to challenge his world view.

Or maybe it’s more important than ever. Maybe there’s comfort in turning our focus toward those things we might actually influence and shaping our little corner of the world, cosseting a fairyland in a sea of rage, preserving what makes us, well, us as opposed to not us.

So maybe a concern with local politics amounts to nothing more than whistling past the graveyard. Or maybe it represents the only true hope for our future. Either way, the race is afoot and it’s shaping up to be an important one. Whistler is at a crossroads.

Whistler has a chance to fulfil its destiny and become an enclave of wealthy, absentee homeowners – the dark, empty house scenario – or it has a chance to stave off what may be that inevitable end for a few more years or decades and continue to be a vibrant resort community peopled by a diverse blend of local worker bees, weekenders and tourists. Whistler! It’s your Choice.

The usual suspects – our current slate of councillors and two-term mayor –all seem to be inclined to run again. They will be challenged by some people who’ve challenged them before and a new crop of fresh-faced suckers. The more, the merrier. The more, the better. Now is the time for change. The status quo ain’t gonna cut it if your choice for the future embraces the second option outlined above.

The current, epic consultancy underway to decide our future is still debating the nuances of the many criteria of a successful resort community. One criteria still alive and kicking involves having a shared understanding of the spirit of the community. Here’s mine.

Whistler has been, and should strive mightily to stay, a living, breathing community of real people. People who get up each morning and go to work or go play or, hopefully, both. It ought to be a beacon for ski bum wannabes, young kids who want to take a year or two off and slide their brains out, older kids who want to drop out of one rat race and start running with a different breed of rats, kids who’ve grown or are growing older here wondering where the time’s gone, rich kids, not so rich kids, kids who barely make it from paycheque to paycheque, kids who want to make their mark in the world of hospitality, kids who want to stand on the podium some day.