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Liberal democracy in British Columbia



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Dave and Suzanne’s position reflects (a) the best interests of the community or (b) understandable, enlightened self-interest? You decide.

Arguments have been made the security for the WEF really won’t be any worse than for the Olympics, should our town be so blessed. True enough. But at least the Olympics, arguably, are more in keeping with what our town is about – winter sport.

Arguments have been made we’ll lose the $15 million the feds and province have promised for the conference centre reno. Most likely true. But when the whole idea of renovating the conference centre started, it was a $5 million gig. Then it was a $7.75 million job. Now it’s $9 million for phase one and $15 for phase two. Doesn’t it seem we really ought to be able to do a pretty nice, yes, even sustainable job for $9 million? You know what Everett Dirksen said, "A million here, a million there, pretty soon it adds up to real money." More and more, it seems the people running this town have lost sight of that simple, homespun reality.

It’s only another week and a half. Persevere. Keep writing, e-mailing and signing the petition. Keep the pressure on council if you believe we can continue to build a healthy resort and a healthy community without the WEF. Let’s show Gordo how real democracy works.