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Liberal democracy in British Columbia



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This explains why so many people are talking about spoiling their ballot. I have a better idea. One in keeping with the whole tenor of this sham and the generally stinky way Gordo’s been running B.C., breaking promises, telling lies and making a mockery out of a province we thought previous governments had already mocked about as much as humanly possible.

I think everyone who honestly believes the referendumb sucks should take their ballot, retire to their morning ablutions, use the ballot in place of their favourite toilet tissue – yeah, it’s a little stiff but really no worse than that waxy French stuff – carefully place it in the proper sequence of envelopes, and mail it to Elections BC with instructions to forward it to Gordo personally. We’ll call it the Soiled Ballot option.

It just seem to capture, how shall I say, the je ne sais quoi of the moment, doesn’t it?

Closer to home, our own little Democracy Inaction exercise continues to grind to a conclusion. Will we or won’t we WEF? I know, I know, you’re sick and tired of hearing about the World Economic Forum. Persevere; it’s almost over. And if you don’t persevere, it might just be getting started.

Having seen the overwhelming community opposition to the idea of inviting the WEF to hold their love-in here during the ski season – over 1,000 signatures on a petition, numerous letters and e-mails, lots of phone calls and more than a couple of personal contacts with voters – our councillors have decided not to fall on their swords and invite them anyway.

This has reportedly pissed off Gordo – who wouldn’t recognize a popular, democratic uprising if it bit him on the hiney – to no end. It has also brought the scary monsters out of hiding, most recently embodied by David Roberts and Suzanne Denbak, he of the Chateau Whistler, she of Tourism Whistler.

Dave and Suzanne think our community’s concern with potential negative fallout from protests and World Class security is overwrought. They think the security issue and possible protests can be easily managed. On the other hand, they seem to think Whistler might not survive missing the opportunity presented by hosting the WEF. All the people who signed the petition, wrote the letters and sent the e-mails think they’ve got it backward.

Dave manages the Chateau. Suzanne runs Tourism Whistler. Dave’s very nice hotel would benefit tremendously from the WEF and from business generated by a $24 million expansion to the conference centre. Suzanne’s raison d’être is expanding the conference centre. Dave and Suzanne were both engaged in the closed-door sessions leading up to this whole WEF thing.