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The naked truth in the Holy Land



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There was more. Oh Lord was there more. Forgive me, for I am one sick puppy.

Had I not been comatose in a patent medicine hallucination, I’d have gone to Tuesday night’s council meeting and been able to provide probing commentary on questions of importance to you, dear readers. I’d have been able to shed some light on how a decision that absolutely, positively couldn’t be put off beyond the beginning of April has now been put off to the last week of April.

I could have reported on how none of the councillors can continue to support inviting the World Economic Forum in the face of such overwhelming popular opposition.

I could have reported on the absurdly inconsistent, scaremongering rantings of two of our local notables, both of whom have world class helpings of self interest in seeing the WEF come to town and, more importantly, in seeing that $15 million of tax money materialize to rebuild the conference centre.

But that will have to wait until next week. It’s enough to report that no decision was taken on the WEF affair and none will be taken for another three weeks. So keep those cards and letters coming, folks. The fight ain’t over ‘til… hey, I wonder how our local government would work nekkid? Oh, help me.