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Maxed Out

Whistler, it’s for you



"Rrriiinnnng. Rrriiinnnng"

"Tourism Whistler Central Reservations. Dave speaking. How can I help you?"

"Yeah, hi Dave. I’m thinking about booking a holiday in Whistler this winter and I just wanted to get some information."

"Wonderful! Good choice. When were you thinking of coming?"

"Well, when’s a good time to come? You know, good snow but maybe not too crowded?"

"Let’s see... we have a special promotion on around the middle of February. Looks like that might be a good time to consider."

"Wouldn’t that be around President’s Week, Dave?"

"Yes. Yes, I guess it would. Does that interest you?"

"No. Some friends were up there last year during President’s Week. It didn’t exactly sound like a not too crowded time from their descriptions."

"Well, it’s a big resort. The mountains can handle a lot of people."

"Yeah, whatever. How about something in early February? Let’s look at that instead. We’re a family of four. What can you put together for a week in early February, Dave?"

"Do you prefer a hotel or condo?"


"Let’s see.... We have a nice two bedroom condo in Valhalla that sounds like it would suit you nicely."

"How close is that to the lifts?"

"Oh, everything’s close to the lifts up there."

"Well, which part of the village is it in? Our friends said we might want to be on the Benchlands, wherever that is."

"Okay. Valhalla is near... let’s see... Marketplace."

"Hmm, never heard of Marketplace. Is that close to the lifts?"

"Everything’s close to the lifts up there."

"That’s the second time you said ‘up there’ Dave. Where’s up there?"

"In Whistler."

"Aren’t you in Whistler?"

"No. I’m in Vancouver."

"Oh. Well, have you ever seen where Valhalla is?"

"On a map. That’s how I know it’s near marketplace."

"Well, do you know how long it takes to walk to the lifts from there?"

"Oh, it can’t take long. Everything’s...."

"Close up there. Yeah, Dave. I’m getting the picture. Listen, have you ever been to Whistler?"

"Sure. They took us up there for some training."

"Well, how’s the skiing? We’re mostly, oh I’d say, intermediates."

"Uh... I don’t really ski."

"Never been skiing in Whistler, Dave?"

"No. But I hear it’s great. Over 50 per cent intermediate."

"Uh-huh. How about the restaurants, Dave? Know anything about them?"

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