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Maxed out

Max’s guide to summer in Whistler



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7. Slow down, relax and enjoy something tall and cold. Whistler is endowed with a multitude of patios, festooned with brightly coloured umbrellas, crackerjack servers, and a variety of cold malt beverages. Watch tourists suffer who haven’t read this helpful advice and practice saying "Dos cerveza por favor."

8. Crash a pool. The best pools to crash include Fairways, Chateau, Aspens and probably – although I haven’t yet – the Westin. Put on a bathing suit and pretend you belong. Bring a book and use your gold card as a bookmark. Attitude is everything.

9. Bet a bartender you can spend 30 minutes in their beer cooler without raising a goosebump. They’re all sporting lads. It might cost you a twenty but you would have found some other foolish way to spend it on a hot summer day.

10. Wait for the sunset. If you’re hard to please and none of these ideas appeal to you, just grump around until the sun goes down. The air cools off quickly, the patios fill up and sooner or later we all get a good night’s sleep. Just remember, the people in Winnipeg are sleeping in a pool of their own sweat these nights, poor misguided souls.