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Max’s guide to summer in Whistler



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If you prefer to have a lake all to yourself and like colder water, try Green Lake. Just kidding. Green Lake’s really cold. The last guy I saw jump into Green Lake came out looking like he was wearing a bow tie. He may never be a father.

If you’re one of those people who feel they have to suffer before they’ve earned their pleasure, hike up to Rainbow Lake for a quick dip. When you get back to town, book some therapy.

2. Have a snowball fight. Get thee to the top of a mountain and dig in. Grab a cool drink and a fan and take the Gondola up Whistler, find the nearest snow patch and pelt the snot out of each other. Make snow angels. Be sure to bring along a garbage bag. No, it’s not trashy up there but it’s most assuredly worth the hike over to Harmony Bowl to slide down the slope.

3. Catch a softball game. This weekend there’s probably a slow pitch tournament. For three days real amateurs will be playing some great, and not so great, softball at Spruce Grove. The games are hot but the beer is cold and the views are pretty easy on the eyes. And in what is surely one of the more bizarre pagan rituals, the players and spectators and half the dog population in town come out and dance on the field between games when someone turns the sprinklers on. Much better than a foam pit.

4. Feel the wind in your face. Throw a leg over an ATV, crack the throttle, and get to a cool place. I can’t even keep track of who goes where anymore or even who’s in the biz these days but they all get high and the ride’s a breeze. Be sure to pass your guide; they really enjoy it when you do that.

5. Ride the wild white water. Whistler River Adventures and Wedge and C3 and probably others shoot the rapids on Green, Birkenhead, Squamish and Elaho Rivers several times a day. Come out and find out why wetsuits are called wetsuits. Jump in for a cool float and enjoy the best roller coaster ride without rails.

6. Eat ice cream. Health Canada urges adults and especially children to be sure you get your minimum daily allowance of ice cream during hot summer days. Pop into Cows, have a double scoop of something sinful and help support the have-not island province of PEI. An out of work fisherman will thank you.