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Fear not, Secret Plan X is coming



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It is odd though. Before the last election, I interviewed five of the six sitting councillors. One thing they all mentioned – other than the pressing requirement to develop employee housing – was an urgent need to "explore" new ways of tapping the public mood, of inviting the public’s input on a more informal, more frequent basis. In the light of the new siege mentality developing at the hall, I’m beginning to believe they were just having me on.

Not to say Kristi and Nick didn’t support moving on to a public meeting on the issue; they did. But Hugh, and others, were so firmly convinced this was the "wrong project" there was a danger in asking the public to comment on it. And although council is free to completely ignore the comments made at such a meeting, why even go through the motions? After all, there are "other" deals in the works. None the Housing Authority know about. None Councillor Wells knows about. But somewhere, in the secret workings at muni hall, Hugh knows about the other deals coming down the road. When the time comes, I’m certain he’ll share them with us, at least on a "need to know" basis. Maybe.

In the meantime, I think the message is clear. Our housing problems are solved. If not now – as our Director of Planning (sic) seems to think – then as soon as Secret Plan X is made public. The only thing left to do is for Rick Staehli and Tim Wake to resign. Close down the Whistler Housing Authority since they seem unable to see the "big picture" and leave housing issues to those who understand them and who know about the secret deals.

Oh yeah, and remember the Alamo.