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Fear not, Secret Plan X is coming



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Discussing the offer with his officers, Santa Anna decided, "You can’t trust a Texan," and, just as Sam had predicted, got his ass kicked the next day. Santa Anna himself wasn’t killed. He attempted to escape, dressed as a woman, but either forgot about or was too proud of his rather sizable mustache, which gave him away and stirred unnatural feelings among many of the Texans.

The common lesson of both the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto is clear: Faced with an enemy of superior numbers, you can’t trust anyone.

And that’s why the Big Kahughna is so right on.

If I was Hugh, Mayor of all Whistleratics, I wouldn’t trust me either. And I certainly wouldn’t trust the rest of you. Not when it comes to making good, well-thought out decisions that might affect the future livability of our town. Let’s face it, you’re a bunch of irresponsible, poorly-informed, shallow-thinking, take-the-easy-way-out, slack-ass, pot-smoking, ne’er-do-wells. And proud of it! I wouldn’t trust you to choose which way to go on a one-way street.

Hugh has decided seeking your "input" on Tim Regan’s development proposal for a mish-mash of "trophy" homes – the current euphemism for "monster" homes – in White Gold and Whistler Cay, and employee rental housing up on the bench between Melrose Pond and Spring Creek, is about as good an idea as consulting a witch doctor to cure a golf slice. Hugh doesn’t think you’ll be able to see the "bigger picture." He’s concerned you might not understand there are "other options."

I share Hugh’s concerns. After all, we’re dealing with a population here that almost single-handedly put "pathetic" in apathetic. A population of 9,000 that couldn’t muster more than two dozen people for the all candidates meeting. 50-60 for the admittedly worn-out Town Hall meeting. A citizenry whose only recent spark of passion was brought about by the cancellation of a BICYCLE RACE?! With a track record like that, I can understand Hugh’s reluctance to hold a public information hearing on something as complex as a development proposal.

Of course, there are those who see something darker and more sinister at work here. Something patently undemocratic, maybe even autocratic in the way muni hall’s being run. Something Sharon Jensen, an escapee from muni hall who is now in the private sector, referred to as a "closed loop of ideas." Something others – less diplomatic but equally inside that loop – have referred to as Jim Godfrey’s almost paranoiac distaste of public input.