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Martians to land in Brackendale

Eclectic Vancouver jazz quintet Hot Club of Mars will bring their otherworldly sound to Brackendale this Saturday evening.


Who: Hot Club of Mars

Where: Brackendale Art Gallery Theatre (Brackendale)

When: Saturday, June 26

Tickets: $15

"We will be introducing some really exotic new tunes that give you a taste of where we are headed from here – just slightly beyond the asteroid belt," said sax/flute player and vocalist Mark Dowding.

The area just beyond the asteroid belt sounds like classic Django Reinhardt re-composed with lyrics and "dreamy ska rhythms," a cover of Belleville Rendezvous – the raucous ragtime theme song from the lyrical cartoon feature film The Triplets of Belleville and selections from the soundtrack of Gypsy jazz documentary Latcho Drom .

If that isn’t enough the band is also promising "a totally off-the-wall Arabic hip-hop tune featuring bowed bass, a National Steel washboard, a microtonal soprano and a corrugaphone."

Truly out of this world.

Hot Club of Mars takes the stage in the unique gallery/theatre at the heart of Brackendale at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 available in advance from the gallery and Mostly Books in Squamish. For more information call 604-898-3333 or go to www.brackendaleartgallery.com.

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