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March at MY Place celebrates three Rs


Spring is in the air and at MY Place it’s also on the walls.

Running throughout the month of March in the upstairs gallery at Whistler’s cultural hub is revive REJUVENATE renew, a juried exhibit of paintings, photography and mixed media artwork.

The 14 exhibitors are a mixed bag of well-known names and less prolific contributors. All chosen pieces represent in their own way the concepts behind the words in the exhibit title, making for an eclectic, yet unified display.

Particular highlights include painter Lorraine Surcouf’s tranquil prairie scenes that practically waft warm, wheat-scented breezes, and Carol Fuegi’s vibrant green close-up photo of perfect dewdrops on soft blades of grass.

Revive REJUVENATE renew is a lingering close to February’s three-week Celebration 2010 Whistler Arts Showcase.

The multi-event festival spearheaded by the Whistler Arts Council was a follow up to last year’s Celebration 2010 events designed to showcase Whistler’s cultural vibrancy to visiting International Olympic Committee members.

Celebration 2010 Whistler Arts Showcase will continue as an annual event in the years leading up to the winter Olympic Games in 2010.

Revive REJUVENATE renew remains on display until the end of the month.

For more information call 604-935-8410 or go to www.whistlerartscouncil.com.

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