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Marcello walks on for organ transplants


After being on the road for two years, George Marcello brings his mission to Whistler today (June 22).

Marcello is about half way through a cross-Canada walk to raise awareness about the Step By Step Organ Transplant Association. Marcello himself is a transplant survivor, after his liver failed in 1995 and he was told he would only have a few days to live unless a liver donor was found. Needless to say, Marcello recovered and with new passion.

Whistler will be day 368 of the 769 day journey. Marcello will be at the Meadow Park Sports Centre in the morning. He encourages the community to meet with him at noon to help carry the torch of life into the village. That torch will be passed on to Mayor Hugh O’Reilly at 1 p.m. at municipal hall.

Marcello continues on to Squamish on Monday, June 25 with a ceremony planned for 1 p.m. at the Squamish Pavilion.