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Man charged with stabbing back in court

Alcohol and hockey involved



A man who allegedly stabbed another the night of the Stanley Cup final has been given another court date.

Counsel for the accused requested that a trial date be delayed pending receipt of victim transcripts and reports from the Emergency Health Services. Crown agreed that a delay was reasonable. The judge did not.

Judge Douglas Moss pointed to the seriousness of the charges and pointed out that he felt that securing the documents could be done within a month.

Robert W. Mitchell, 50, of Pemberton is charged with aggravated assault and the possession of a weapon in connection with the stabbing of an unidentified male on June 19. The incident occurred in the 1400 block of Laurel Street in Pemberton’s Vinyl Village. Police confirmed that alcohol was involved.

The victim, who was severely injured, arrived on foot at the Pemberton Health Clinic. He was then airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital to receive treatment for the stab wound to his abdomen. The man has fully recovered from his injury.

Mitchell will be back in court on Sept. 7 for a preliminary inquiry. The trial is set for a half-day on Sept. 21.

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