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Man arrested for planning 'Ganjam'

Had backpack full of marijuana, beer



A 22-year-old Whistler male is facing charges of possession for the purposes of trafficking after being busted while attempting to host an unsanctioned snowboard competition on Blackcomb where the prizes were marijuana.

The police received a call about the "Ganjam" on Dec. 12 after it was posted on Facebook. Two plainclothes officers waited at the top of the terrain park on the day of the event when a man rode by on his snowboard saying "Ganjam, Ganjam." He rode down into the park where the police watched him open a backpack that contained cans of beer. He then opened the front pocket and showed another person a bag of marijuana. He then packed up and was preparing to ride down into the park when the police stopped him.

RCMP officers found him in possession of bags containing 8.4 grams, 3.2 gram, 3.00 grams and 3.6 grams of marijuana, plus another bag with 26 joints. He had some hash and a bong as well.

The male was released on a recognizance and will make his first appearance in court in North Vancouver on Jan. 30. Emergency beacon tripped

The Pemberton RCMP was called into action on Dec. 12 at 8 p.m. when an emergency beacon was activated in the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park area. They headed out to the area, only to find that a person had activated the beacon when he returned to his car and the locks were frozen. Concerned about the cold he activated the beacon, although he did manage to gain access to his car with help from another vehicle.

Police are reminding people to use emergency beacons sparingly and only in true emergencies.

Fight escalates in local hotel

On Dec. 15 at 10:55 p.m. the police were called to a hotel in the village after an altercation that occurred when two males and a female were leaving and got into an argument with another group of males. One of the second group of males threw a beer can, hitting one of the males who was leaving in the head.

The police were called again at 2:39 a.m. the next morning when the group containing the male who was struck in the head decided to retaliate. According to reports they went to the room belonging to the second group of males and confronted them.

One of the males had taken a fire extinguisher and hit one of the other males in the in the face with it. Another altercation took place at the doorway between the other male with a fire extinguisher, who discharged it into the room.

The males were in the hall when the police arrived, one of them still carrying the extinguisher. Another had a serious cut over his eye and an ambulance was called to take him to the Whistler Health Care Centre. Other males fled down the stairs. Police are now considering charges against the two 25-year-old Vancouver males.

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