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Make mine a bacon-ista special

Better yet, make it a double!



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But the secret to any of this, as Jordan says, is to use really good bacon.

My favourite easy-to-find commercial brand is Harvest bacon out of Yorkton, Saskatchewan, usually available at Nesters Markets. To their credit, Harvest uses absolutely no MSG or those annoying gluten-based fillers in any of their meat products plus they retain more of their original weight when cooked.

If you want to go for a primo version check out Two Rivers bacon, available at North Arm Farm in Pemberton and Big Lou's Butcher Shop on Powell and Gore in Vancouver. At Nita Lake Lodge at Whistler they offer it, too, plus they'll even do the cooking for you and serve it up tout suite.

Glenda Bartosh is an award-winning freelance writer who reckons the smelling of cooking bacon can wake up the dead, or at least somebody who's pretty out of it.