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Peekaboo, I see you Mail box station intrudes on privacy, says resident Having the mail box station within feet of your door might seem like a return to door-front delivery, but for Andre Jette it’s too close for comfort. A proposed mail kiosk would be a mere dozen feet from Jette’s future backyard deck, he says in a letter to council requesting help to get it moved across the street and next to the bus stop on Crabapple Drive. Jette’s house hasn’t been built, but he doesn’t relish being ogled by every neighbour out to collect their letters and junk mail. "It’s an unfair hardship and all efforts should be made to move it," says councillor Ken Melamed. Whistler town staff say the multi-mailbox’s location serves 20 lots in the Barnfield area, which makes its spot ideal. "It’s a difficult issue," admits town administrator Jim Godfrey. "Where ever we try to locate the kiosk will impact on someone." Jette disagrees, saying a spot beside the bus stop across the street where the municipal buses loop about before heading back up Lorimer Road is out of the way. "The house will be too close to the road to grow a buffer of trees" to hide the deck from inquisitive eyes if it’s left close to his deck, Jette says. "I don’t think we’ve ever had a mail kiosk in the right place the first time," observes councillor Dave Kirk, who got councillors to agree that municipal staff should take another look at the issue.