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mag drive

By Josh DeHart Starting this month, Whistler Secondary school will be holding a magazine drive. Due to budget constraints, the school library has been able to subscribe to only a few magazines. The school is requesting donations of magazine subscriptions from local businesses, community groups, families, and individuals. Because of the school’s present budget, many magazines, such as skiing, snowboarding, and music magazines, are priced too high for the school to purchase. But these are often the most popular magazines among students. Mark Fletcher, the librarian at Whistler Secondary, hopes that magazines not normally bought because of their high price will find their way into the library through this drive. A list of magazines requested by students, teachers, and the librarian is available at Whistler Secondary school. The list includes such magazines as: Powder, Time, Popular Mechanics, Sports Illustrated, Discovery and BC Outdoors. Donations of subscriptions to magazines not on the list are also welcomed. Donors’ names or donor company names will appear on a plate on the cover of the magazine in the library. For more information contact Mark Fletcher at 905-2581.

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