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MacIsaac playing MY Place

Rebel fiddler to kick off 2005/06 Performance Series



Cape Breton fiddling prodigy and bona-fide wild man Ashley MacIsaac is slated to play Millennium Place on Tuesday, Sept. 20, kicking off the 2005/06 Whistler Arts Council/MY Place Performance Series on an edgier note.

MacIsaac made waves in the mid-1990s with genre-busting songs combining the traditional fiddling of his Maritime heritage with contemporary electronic beats and rock ’n’ roll.

He’s also made waves for an irrepressible punk-rock attitude, stomping on convention with his trademark combat boots, and living out loud a hard-partying, sexually adventurous lifestyle that left those easily offended fans by the wayside and the artist down the path to financial ruin.

Now all of 30 years old, the performer continues to flaunt his disdain for conformity. He ditched the fiddle entirely for his most recent recording project PRIDE , a pop/rock album slated for release in October of this year. According to The Halifax Daily News, he’s also being courted for the starring role in an American feature film about legendary classical violinist Antonio Vivaldi.

Fiddling fans can rest assured MacIsaac continues to perform fiddle favourites at his live shows. But there’s not much else that can be assured with this performer. For many of his resilient fans his unpredictability is an integral part of his appeal, as endearing as it is threatening to others. What he has planned for Whistler is anybody’s guess.

The 2005/06 Performance Series is not fully booked, however, other confirmed acts at this time include longtime Canadian kids entertainer Fred Penner, wacky physical performer/comedic clown Tomás Kubínek, Klezmer music group Kleztory, and the African Guitar Summit, a world music supergroup whose roster includes Vancouver’s Alpha YaYa Diallo.

Ticket information for the upcoming performance series season is available online at www.myplacewhislter.org or at www.whistlerartscouncil.com.