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Lumpy’s the last of the trail runs


This Saturday, Oct. 17 the 12 th annual Lumpy's Epic run gets underway out of One Mile Lake park in Pemberton, wrapping up the Sea 2 Sky Trail Running Series and competitive trail running in the corridor.

In a way it's the perfect finish, taking place on a relatively short 10 km loop around Signal Hill, which is open to runners and walkers. There's a steady climb from the start, followed by a technical mountain bike trail that offers some breathtaking views of Mt. Currie and the Green River. There's a quick, technical descent, a flat section along the river and another climb back onto the singletrack. Part of the trail also follows the scenic loop around One Mile Lake.

"There are beautiful views, which has always been one of the main attractions," said race director Jeanette Helmer. "One of the best views of the valley, especially in the autumn."

The trail will be a little different this year with a new bridge over One Mile Creek, as well as some general trail maintenance by the Pemberton Valley Trails Association.

"They do a lot of good work volunteering to keep up the trails, we couldn't do anything without them," said Helmer. "They were the ones who first joined up the trails and put it all together. I haven't been in (Lumpy's Epic trail) since earlier this year, but every time I go in it's been improved in some way."

The low-key event also features a potluck après where participants are invited to bring baked goods and food to share with others, while organizers provide coffee and a few snacks. There are no T-shirts, hats or water bottles, instead every cent of the $15 entry fee goes towards a local youth recreation program. In recent years the recipient has been the Spud Valley Nordics' jackrabbits program, but Helmer hopes to spread the money around. The bigger the turnout the more she'll have to share.

Registration gets underway at 9 a.m. at One Mile Lake and the race starts at 10 a.m. Walkers and runners are welcome.

For more information, or to volunteer for this event, contact Jeannette at 604-894-6618.