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Lordy, lordy it’s Lorne Elliott



Who: Lorne Elliott

Where: MY Place

When: Thursday, April 10

Comedy can be many things to many people. But for East Coast funnyman Lorne Elliott, he’s a little bit of everything for everybody. He’s a singer, a song-writer, a joke teller, a monologue master, king of the one-liners and prince of parody. His wacky performance style and his humorous observations on life appeal to the smart and the silly in any age group.

The Canadian-born comedian has performed from Newfoundland to New York City, from Los Angeles to Australia, with the outcome being one very special show of stories and music – totally original, entertaining, up-lifting and foolish enough to make all involved laugh out loud.

He’s been called many things, from genius to nutcase, the latter which is a term Elliott quips "he wouldn’t put on his job description to get across the U.S. border," but he feels the diverse titles sum up the atmosphere of his shows.

"At the end of the day I want everyone to have a good time and if people can do that when I become an oddball or when I offer intelligent or abstract opinions, then I’ve done my job. Most of my stories come from things that have happened to me or my friends so I think in general all people can relate," he said.

Elliott is well known for his Canadian themes and singing songs about national icons but he is quick to point out it’s not exactly nationalism at work.

"I don’t wake up in the morning and ask myself how Canadian can I be, but I do relate my work to what me and the predominantly Canadian audience both know. It’s more a case of paying attention to where you are."

Elliott has performed his one-man show in theatres, universities and clubs right across the country. He’s opened concerts for legendary comedian and actor Rodney Dangerfield in New York City and talk show host Jay Leno in Montreal. He has made regular appearances at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival since it started in 1986 and each time his segments were selected for TV Specials, thanks mainly to their universal quality.

This will be his third trip to Whistler but it’s been a good couple of years since he passed through, so fans can expect a whole new bag of tricks. He won’t divulge any secrets but promises each and every show is different.

"My shows vary from crowd to crowd. Some like the musical component more, others like the jokes. So generally I’ll just cruise along and gauge what’s working best then pull out the most appropriate bits that I’ve accumulated like old magazines over the years," said the 50-year-old stage veteran.

"One thing about Whistler, every time I come through it’s like visiting a new town," said Elliott. "The first time I came it was a little village, the second time I came it was all scaffolding. I don’t know quite what to expect now."

One thing’s for sure, he can expect a good turn-out if the success of his radio shows and CDs are anything to go by. Tickets to see Lorne Elliott are $22 for adults and $ 12 concession. Ph: 604 935 8418.

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