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Loonie Races begin this week

It’s time once again to oil up your chain, tighten your seatpost...


It’s time once again to oil up your chain, tighten your seatpost, and stock your medicine cabinet with disinfectant, bandages and anti-inflammatories.

The Whistler Off Road Cycling Association’s Loonie Race season gets underway this Thursday, May 6 with an event co-sponsored by WORCA and the Riverside Junction Café.

Registration for this event begins at 5:30 p.m., with a 6:30 p.m. start. The course will include sections of Lost Lake’s trail system and higher trails.

To participate you’ll need to be a member of WORCA. Individual memberships are $40, youth memberships are $35 and family memberships are $90, and include Cycling B.C. membership. Rising insurance costs are the reason for the price increase, costing $23.50 a member.

Any proceeds from membership dues go to trail maintenance projects, youth programs, trail advocacy work, and member services.

WORCA also received a $12,400 municipal grant-in-aid this year for trail maintenance and a proposed project to renew and upgrade epic trail systems like Babylon by Bike.

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