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Loonie Race season kicks off


The first Loonie Race of the 2001 season took place April 22 on Pemberton’s snow-free single track. Although the clouds were threatening rain all afternoon all they did was keep the racers cool.

Chad Miles, the Canadian cross-country champion, was the first rider to clean the course, crossing the line in 38 minutes and 30 seconds. Sylvie Allen was the top woman in the race with a time of 58 minutes.

A group of competitors up from Squamish liked the course so much, they went for another lap – after a full morning of trail maintenance.

The Pemberton Off-Road Cycling Association (PORCA) and the Bike Co. organized the race, the Outpost provided a post-race venue, the Pemberton Valley Supermarket provided the food, and Pemberton Search and Rescue would have provided the first aid if it was needed.

More weekend Loonie races are planned this season, with dates to be announced in the future.