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Looking through a social justice lens

Ensuring equal access and opportunities for all community members



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“Poverty and cultural awareness are long term issues and we need to develop long term strategies,” continues Buttkus. “Social justice is a strategic focus we are taking. The more people who know what the term means, the better. A lot of people don’t think we have social issues here in Whistler. We do.”



How CFOW differs from other charities

The CFOW differs from, but is complementary to, other local charities. It acts as a vehicle by providing financial support to others. And most importantly, the CFOW creates and manages permanent endowment funds that are held in perpetuity, from which only the investment income is distributed. While individual gifts may be used to establish a separate fund, the funds are pooled with all other gifts into a common, professionally managed portfolio in order to maximize potential income and minimize administrative expenses.

The CFOW’s vision is “To provide dedicated philanthropic leadership and resources, in perpetuity, to the Sea to Sky Communities.”