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Locals tame Ironman



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Suter praised the organizers for working around the fire, and the volunteers for getting the event off under the circumstances. "Even some of the people evacuated from their homes in Kelowna were out volunteering," he said.

Suter’s goal for Hawaii is just to have fun, "although I know when I get into the water for the swim, I know I’ll be racing."

Although five weeks isn’t enough time to properly recover from one Ironman before entering another one, Suter says he will continue to train and hope for the best.

Christine Suter, Paul’s wife, also spent time last year recovering from various injuries. She entered with every intention of taking it easy, but that plan went out the window the moment she stepped out of the water.

"I had an awesome swim, a few minutes faster than my last race, and I had my best bike time ever," she said. "Going into the run I thought I might be able to finish with my best time every. Then my stomach kind of shut down, and I had to walk the second half of the run. I just couldn’t shake it. I’ve felt nausea before in races, but never like that."

Suter was 168 th overall on the swim, 819 th on the bike, and1,493rd on the run.

"The run took me more than five hours, which put me a lot farther back then I would have normally finished, but I’m happy I walked across that line," she said.

She consoled herself with the fact that she got to watch Paul cross the line ahead of his expected time, and with the fact that she will be going to Hawaii with him in a few weeks.

She never found out what caused her stomach problems, although she noticed that a lot of other athletes were suffering with the same symptoms. She said people thought it might have had something to do with either the lake water or the smoke – sections of the bike ride were still smoldering from a fire that swept through the area the week before.

Although she walked most of the run stage, she still managed to finish 77 th out of 153 women in the 30 to 34 age group with a time of 12:43:09.