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Locals rule CrankWorx

Baker, Whiteman, Buchar, Gracia and Morland among top riders; 17-year-old BMX star takes slopestyle



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Basagoitia won, but had to do another run to be crowned as the champion. Rather than take it easy, Basagoitia crashed while trying to pull a combination backflip and tailwhip at the top of the course. Further down the course he crashed on one of the gaps, bending his seatpost back so far it was touching his rear tire.

Basagoitia, a BMX rider from Nevada who had to qualify in order to compete, walked away with the title and a cheque for $3,000.

" It was awesome, it was only like my fifth time on a mountain bike, so I couldn’t be happier," he said. "We all come from BMX backgrounds, so it was awesome to all the tricks out there. It’s a new sport for me, and it’s a pretty cool format, so I hope they do a lot more of it."

On his final out-of-control tailwhip off the scaffolding, Basagoitia says the move probably saved him from a crash.

"I was a little off on my landing, and before I knew it I was at the edge of that thing and totally out of control, so from out of nowhere I just decided to throw the tail whip in there, which was the plan all along. I’ve practiced that move a lot, and I caught the bike perfectly, so landing wasn’t a problem. It actually helped me to get back under control," he said.

Third place when to Kyle Strait, followed by Cameron McCaul and Cameron Zink.

Richie Schley, who was the top Canadian and local rider, finished the day in sixth.

"I was really happy to be out there. I built the course, or helped build the course, and I was really excited to see what the other riders did with it. And I was surprised as well, a lot of these guys did things out there I couldn’t even have imagined," said Schley.

"I think it’s obvious that the next wave of riders is coming up. For the older riders, guys like Wade (Simmons) and myself, we’ve still got the Red Bull Rampage, which is more our style. But we all want to be a part of this as well and be involved, even though the really technical tricks are coming – or they’re already here.

"I think this is going to be a good format to get us into the X-Games, but I hope we always have this event as well and that the Rampage will still be there."