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Locals rule CrankWorx

Baker, Whiteman, Buchar, Gracia and Morland among top riders; 17-year-old BMX star takes slopestyle



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"The key was just to relax and not try to rush yourself too much," said Gracia. "I just tried to flow through the technical stuff without too much brakes, and just sat back for a lot of it. There’s nobody out there who can pedal all the way down for 15 minutes, it’s so tiring, so you have to save yourself for the open spots.

"It was long, but the top section was pretty good, but near the bottom you get into roots and loose stuff. Near the bottom I almost lost it on one section, but I maintained."

Morland, who crashed on the same loose stuff and might have the lost the race as a result, says he was just happy to have a good run.

"That’s racing, straight up," he said. "This event was really, really mellow. Up top everybody was hanging out with everyone, nobody was looking at the times. It’s such a long race that anybody has a shot. You can’t ride it perfectly, and even if you make three or four big mistakes out there you can still recover."

Morland says he likes the longer races for that reason, which is why he travels to Golden every year to compete in the Mount 7 Psychosis, a 10 km downhill. This year he was second in that race as well.

"I wish there were more longer downhill races out there," he said.

Australian Nathan Rennie was third with a time of 15:25.55.

The top woman was Katie Pruitt of California, who finished in 17:29.89. Not only was she 46 seconds faster than the second place finisher, fellow Californian Anka Martin, she was also fast enough to place sixth among the amateur males.

Whistler’s Angela Teng was third in 18:40.69, followed by Claire Buchar in 18:54.91.

Kim Saprunoff was the top amateur woman in 20:13.81, followed by Megan Hoodspith in 20:35.10.

Micayla Gatto was the lone junior woman, finishing the course in 20:47.16.

In the amateur men’s race, Garrick Anderson of California was the top rider in 16:26.10. Jerid Letchford was second, followed by German rider Daniel Schmider.

Tyler Gritt was the top junior in 17:14.21, followed by Marcus Jaheny in 17:24.19 and Jack Montgomery in 18:08.27. James McSkimming was the top Whistler rider in 18:37.60.

Following the Garbanzo Downhill, Cedric Gracia and Claire Buchar was crowned as King and Queen of the Mountain for the best overall results over the past three days.