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Locals rule CrankWorx

Baker, Whiteman, Buchar, Gracia and Morland among top riders; 17-year-old BMX star takes slopestyle



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"The race was kind of one-lined because all of us only got a chance to practice for a little while and all of us were practicing the same line. If we had more time we would have opened up another line or couple of lines, so there would have been a bit more passing."

The faster the riders go out of the start the further back the hole shot gets, he added. These days it’s not unusual to be tied coming out of the first corner.

Carter says that competition is getting more intense on the World Cup circuit, which is pushing the established riders on the tour.

"In the past it was a handful of guys like me and Brian Lopes and sometimes Wade Bootes and sometimes Mike King, but it’s no longer that little foursome anymore. More people are coming to the head of being competitive, guys like Michal Prokop and Brian Schmith, my teammate, and there’s a lot of young kids coming up from Europe and America who are really charging, which is great for our sport," said Carter.

"The more variation there is, the better it is for our sport."

Brian Lopes edged out Gracia to take second place while Brian Schmith, Carter’s teammate, was fourth.

In the women’s race Sabrina Jonnier of France, the World Cup title winner and the favourite in the race, crashed hard in the finals while trying to overtake Jill Kinter of the U.S.

Kinter, went on to win the final heat, trailed closely by Whistler’s Claire Buchar. Leana Gerrard of the U.S. was third.

In the junior men’s race Taylor Sage took the win, followed by Cameron McCaul and Dan Csonkay. Whistler’s James McSkimming was fourth.

In the amateur men’s race, Mike Zgund made the podium once again, this time in first place. He was followed by Brian Gerrard, Joao Ludolf and Greg Nunnikhoven.

Stacey Kohut once again edged out Johnny Therrien in the Downhill Chair race.

Garbanzo Downhill

The inaugural Garbanzo Downhill race attracted more than 115 riders on Saturday, double what the organizers were expecting for one of the world’s longest epic downhill races. From the top of the Garbanzo chair to the bottom of Whistler Mountain, the course is 3,400 vertical feet, and covers close to 10 km of technical trail.

Although it looked like nobody could budge Tyler Morland from the hot seat with his time of 15:24.38, Cedric Gracia, the second last rider of the day, punched through with a time of 15:17.54. The whole way down Gracia averaged 47.08 km an hour.