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Locals medal in Martial Arts tournament

The Whistler Martial Arts Centre is on a roll heading...


The Whistler Martial Arts Centre is on a roll heading into the last tournament of the season, earning seven more medals at the Fireball Challenge at BCIT’s campus in Burnaby.

The event was a qualifier for the 2005 World Martial Arts Championships in Germany, the Peace Games, with athletes finishing in the top three earning spots.

Cole Manson, WMAC’s sensai, finished third in the open weight category of Brazilian Jujitsu, which is primarily a grappling sport. Manson lost the semi-finals to a fighter who was more than foot taller and 280 pounds.

In Point Sparring, Alysia Dobie finished fifth in her category, and Kiefer Spark and Sabine Hagen were second in their respective age and belt divisions.

Mike Rowett brought home two bronze medals, one in Point Sparring and one in the Weapon Sparring.

Newcomer Adam Watson was second in the tough open weight division, intermediate level Freestyle Grappling division.

Idan Enright, who was in his second tournament, finished first in the Brazilian Jujitsu intermediate category.

The WMAC club has just one event left on the calendar this year, but before that they’re celebrating their anniversary with an open house and barbecue at the dojo in Function Junction this Saturday, May 1, from noon to 4 p.m. Non-members are welcome to come out.

The open house is at No. 8, 1005 Alpha Lake Rd.

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