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Locals lay out claim to Ripzone titles



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Top 10

1. Marc-Andre Tartre

2. Travis Williams

3. Mike Osachuk

4. Josh Feliciano

5. Henki Oedegaard

6. Guillaume Morisset

7. Kraig Kinsmen

8. Mike Page

9. Jon Roth

10. Jesse Fox

Ripzone Superpipe

Some 29 men and 20 women took part in the Ripzone Superpipe contest on Sunday, which was decided by an open jam format whereby the riders squeezed in as many runs as they could in a set length of time and only the best run counts in the final standings.

The women went first, enjoying almost perfect conditions. While the bottom was a little softer than many of the riders would have liked, the walls were soft and easy to launch from and land on.

The race for the top spot was close, with most of the riders squeezing seven runs into the time frame.

Try as the competitors might, the day was really settled in the first four rounds. Tricia Byrnes of Stratton, Vermont, took the lead after the first jump with a score of 17.0.

Maelle Ricker of Vancouver and Whistler spoke up in the second round to post a 17.8 and take the lead. Natasza Zurek, who also divides her time between Vancouver and Whistler, scored an 18.0 on her third attempt, bumping Ricker into second place. That’s the way it stayed until the end of the contest, although Byrnes came close to second after scoring a 17.7 in the fourth round.

According to judge Marcello Centurione, Zurek earned the win.

"With a super straight frontside 540 and a crippler 7 (inverted 720 spin), she’s pushed the envelope of women’s snowboarding," he said.

Ricker’s run included a frontside 540 and a frontside 720. Byrnes’ top run featured a huge method – the biggest air of the women’s contest – a frontside 540, and a switch frontside 540.

In the men’s Superpipe, Guillaume Morisset of Stoneham, Quebec established himself as the guy to beat right from the get-go with a score of 19.0 – enough to win the contest it turned out. He started off with a switch backside 900 to a cab 900 to leave the rest of the field playing catch-up.

As it turned out, he was the only guy who could have bested that first run, posting a 19.8 in his fifth run.