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Locals close in volleyball championship


More than 150 teams from around the province came to Whistler for the B.C. Provincial Grass Volleyball Championships at Myrtle Philip last weekend, competing as pairs in various categories.

The local team of Jas Michalski and Tim Bonnell, fifth in the provincial beach championships the week before, competed in the pro category on Sunday, Aug. 25.

During the morning pool play, they lost a couple of close matches before meeting a team that had beaten them in the beach provincials. Michalski’s serving and Bonnell’s defence helped the duo get their revenge as well as a berth in the playoffs.

Unfortunately they did not play as well in their playoff game, and lost 21-19 and 21-19 in two matches. They finished ninth overall in the province.

"We’re pretty satisfied with our results this year given the lack of quality training we’ve had," said Bonnell.

Said Michalski: "Our timing just seemed to be a fraction off all tournament – we were getting our hands on the ball but not controlling it. We look forward to getting back on track next season."

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